PacktPub publishes its 2000th title

Packt Publishing is one of the top publishers of technical books and videos that you can actually use to do stuff.  Do you want to learn how to code in Python, or C, or Java? Packt has a series of titles, books and videos to make that possible.  Do you want to implement big data in your organization? Packt has titles to help you. Do you want to design games for Android or Apple’s iPhone?  You guessed it. Packt has the books and videos to show you how.
When I wanted to understand how Drupal modules are built I got a book from Packt Publishing.  While I was there, I looked at their free ebooks and started learning about new applications that I had never seen before.  Packt Publishing had some of the books I have used while working on my PhD and since I am still working on that, Packt will continue to be one of my top 3 sources for indepth technical books.
As my career changes and my focus changes, Packt is where I have gone for approaches and ideas.  Packt titles taught me how to use new features in Kali Linux, Metasploit Framework and Sikuli.  They are having a special event right now to celebrate their 2000th title. go to Packt Publishing today and get involved. #Packt2k

How to Find Hidden Jobs in Your Area

google search "intitle:Careers Senior Penetration Tester"

I wrote an article on a neat Google-Dork for finding hidden jobs.  Those are the jobs that a company only publishes on their own careers page rather than offering it on one of the big job boards.  These are jobs they expect to be able to fill internally or from people known to their employees.  It takes a lot of time to dig through all the web sites of all the companies who might be looking for somebody with your skills.  This saves you that time.

This is an addition to that article with a few more images. The example I will use here is for a job with low numbers of openings: Senior Penetration Tester. Read more

Kali Linux Cookbook – Review

Kali Linux Cookbook by Willie L. Pritchett & David De Smet (2013) is a useful book. I have been using parts of Backtrack, the precursor to Kali Linux, for years, and so when Offensive Security released Kali Linux, I got the distro and started playing with it. The Kali Linux toolkit is large and varied. There are over 400 tools in the 14 major categories


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WordPress Theme Borked The Jetpack Update to 2.6.1


This site was down for part of Friday and most of Saturday because the Gonzo Times Theme was no longer under production.  The site had been using the same theme for about 5 years, but it crashed the public side of the site 2 days ago.  The admin side still worked, so I didn’t notice the front-end failure.  I knew that Jetpack failed to update but hadn’t considered what had caused that failure.  I was designing a new site and discovered the Gonzo Times was no longer on the theme repository at  That was my first clue.


Time To Get Your Technical Books

If you have ever looked at the range of technical books at Packt Publishing you know there are over 1600 titles! If you didn’t win a copy of Instant Sikuli Test Automation, you can get it for 50% off from now until 10/17/2013.  In fact, the entire catalogue of books and videos at Packt Publishing is on sale at 50% off for a very short time.

Kali Linux - Backtrack Evolved: Assuring Security by Penetration Testing [Video]I understand their video on Kali-Linux is on sale as well.   The exclusive 50% discount code COL50 will be active on all eBooks and Videos until Thursday October 17th.  Click Here to go to the sale


Instant Sikuli Test Automation: Contest Winner

We Have a Winner!

There was a close competition, and the judges report they had quite a difficult time choosing the top three.  After long deliberation, they came out with these three winners.

Ronda Morris   

leberson Forte   

Philipp Jordt     

Congratulations to our lucky winners, and thanks to all the competitors.
Keep your eyes on this site for other contests and programming information.


Win a Free Copy of Packt’s new book Instant Sikuli Test Automation

Readers would be pleased to know that I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a contest of its newly published book on Sikuli which I recently reviewed.

  And 3 lucky winners stand a chance to win eBook copies of the book. Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Winners.


  • Write simple tests using the Sikuli IDE.
  • Construct a framework for running your tests and reporting results.
  • Learn best practices for building reusable Sikuli scripts and sharing capabilities between them.

How to Enter?

All you need to do is head on over to the book page and look through the product description of the book and drop a line via the comments below this post to let us know what interests you the most about this book. It’s that simple. Deadline:The contest will close in 1 week’s time. Winners will be contacted by Packt via email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment! Hurry up as you could be one of the few lucky ones to get yourself a free ebook of the latest released title.

Instant Sikuli Test Automation -Not so Instant – A review

Instant Sikuli Test AutomationReview of “Instant Sikuli Test Automation” By Ben Lau, Published by Packt Publishing in their “Instant” series, BIRMINGHAM – MUMBAI, 2013 SBN 978-1-78216-787-7

It is always dangerous applying the word “Instant” to any process requiring download and installation of software.  On page four, the authors offer a direct link to the then-current version of Sikuli.  The link is wrong, because the version has moved on.

The project is now at version 1.0.1 and “[sic] We now have a setup, only one jar containing all stuff, native libs folder and needed settings created at runtime on the fly, some more bugs fixed and those from version 1.0.0 that hurts”  The “all-downloads” link did work.

My Rig: I am testing the application on a Windows 7 virtual machine within Oracle VirtualBox running on my usual testing machine, an HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop running a heavily-modified version of Ubuntu Studio 13.04.  I do not usually program on a Windows platform.  Before I installed Sikuli, I made sure I was running the newest version of the Java JRE.

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Best Open-Source Blogging Software of 2013

The plain fact is that if you use a particular software longer, you push it higher and higher in your own “Top Ten.” The Top Ten Reviews site brought out their review of the top six blogging platforms for 2013
Their top six were:
Software Rank (out of 10)

  • WordPress 10
  • Typepad 9.95
  • Squarespace 9.70
  • LiveJournal 9.55
  • Blogger 8.25
  • Open Salon 5.00

The categories upon which they were judged were:

  • Design Tools 10/10
  • Publishing and Tracking Tools 10/10
  • Ease of Use 10/10
  • Software/Hosting 10/10
  • Support 10/10

My own experience at and working for other web-hosting companies is that WordPress from is the best, but I believe at least part of that is the speed in which I can bring up a working site in WordPress. I have a special hosting arrangement with most of my clients, which is different from the usual hosting companies who practice set-and-forget with their clients. I provide customized support in several areas:

  • Site Development
  • Site Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Site Monetization

Since I host software, packages designed around a service, like, TypePad, SquareSpace, LiveJournal, Blogger and OpenSalon don’t work as the central point for my clients.  Our platform for blogs provides a much more flexible project base, but I suggest a spider’s web marketing model that brings organic traffic, including all or any of these site types along with Facebook and Twitter and Ezine sites to create a funnel of interest to our clients’ web sites. gives you a downloadable package that you can load onto your own server.  The way I use these packages is basically the same every time, with differences in color-scheme and theme.  There are hundreds of themes available and we tweak them and add images so our clients’ sites are unique.

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