Skill Up Survey 2015 – Results are in


Packt Publishing has completed the survey results for their Skill Up Survey.  About 20,000 IT professionals and developers to tell you what skills and information they felt helped them the most in their careers.  The survey covered people who are involved in Web Dev, App Dev, Big Data and SysAdmin concentrations.  Are you in or interested in getting into Web Dev, App Dev, Big Data or Systems Administration? Download one or all of the Survey Results.


This will be useful in your decision process.  What can you imagine your results to be, if you have 20,000 professionals helping you understand the paths they felt were best for them?

Once you have chosen your next steps, Packt is promoting Resource Packs of Books for you to get the training you need to get started, or continue down the path.

What kinds of Categories  are in the Resource Packs?

Web App Dev Bundles
Full Stack Web Application Development
End to End Angular JS
All You Need AngularJS
Mastering Front End Web Development
Taking on the Full Stack
Top Financial Computing
Server-side Python
Ready for the Future
Handling Hadoop
Power and Performance
R vs Python Data Science
Machine Learning without Borders
Analytics for Real Insight
Functional and Reactive Programming
Comprehensive Android
JavaScript for Desktop
Going Pro with Unity
Secure and Shielded
The SysAdmin Toolbox
Complete Configuration Management

Any or all of these bundles are priced better than “Buy one, get 4 Free.”  There is a bundle that can help you down your path right now.  Check them out!

I am a Packt Publishing Author, and get small in-kind benefits for letting you know about their projects and promotions.  I also occasionally review books and courses for similar compensation.

If you find a Packt product you would really like a review on, just ask me in the comment section below, and I will get it into my schedule.

Starbucks Loyalty Card and Mobile Payments App Fraud

If you are a Starbucks customer, beware.  There are thieves guessing your weak passwords, and draining your linked accounts into gift cards, which they sell on the black market.  This is IMPORTANT.  Change your passwords!  Change your passwords at least yearly.  Make the password at least 9 characters long!

You can use services like to test your passwords for weak links, and to apply more complex passwords, and finally to save the passwords.  What Lastpass doesn’t have is a reminder to help you remember to change your passwords.  This would be a great addition for some password safety application to include.

More detail at Bob Sullivan’s page

International Day Against DRM

This is a terrible reverse-focus celebration. What it ought to be is International Open-License Day. Every writer and publisher should be able to choose the license of their own creation. I am in favor of you being able to see, move and copy content you have paid for.
Day against DRM

Nouveau Failed to Idle Channel – Kali Linux

1/19/15 –  set ‘nomodeset’ in /etc/default/grub
to attempt to clear a video issue with new Kali installation and an old Dell 620 laptop.
The machine boots properly every other time, which is a little weird.  I have to
hard reboot it when the video fails, and after that, it starts properly.

More info later on whether this works..

Packt Publishing is 10 Years Old

Technical specialists’ need for specialty information about open-source software drove the creation of Packt Publishing in 2004, and to date they have published over a thousand books and videos to fill that need.  To celebrate their decade of helping bring important technical details to the people who need them, Pact is offering a special price for all offerings – Until July 5th, all books and videos are only $10 each.  This might be a good time to add to your library.  Act fast! Go to and grab the info you need.

PacktPub publishes its 2000th title

Packt Publishing is one of the top publishers of technical books and videos that you can actually use to do stuff.  Do you want to learn how to code in Python, or C, or Java? Packt has a series of titles, books and videos to make that possible.  Do you want to implement big data in your organization? Packt has titles to help you. Do you want to design games for Android or Apple’s iPhone?  You guessed it. Packt has the books and videos to show you how.
When I wanted to understand how Drupal modules are built I got a book from Packt Publishing.  While I was there, I looked at their free ebooks and started learning about new applications that I had never seen before.  Packt Publishing had some of the books I have used while working on my PhD and since I am still working on that, Packt will continue to be one of my top 3 sources for indepth technical books.
As my career changes and my focus changes, Packt is where I have gone for approaches and ideas.  Packt titles taught me how to use new features in Kali Linux, Metasploit Framework and Sikuli.  They are having a special event right now to celebrate their 2000th title. go to Packt Publishing today and get involved. #Packt2k

How to Find Hidden Jobs in Your Area

google search "intitle:Careers Senior Penetration Tester"

I wrote an article on a neat Google-Dork for finding hidden jobs.  Those are the jobs that a company only publishes on their own careers page rather than offering it on one of the big job boards.  These are jobs they expect to be able to fill internally or from people known to their employees.  It takes a lot of time to dig through all the web sites of all the companies who might be looking for somebody with your skills.  This saves you that time.

This is an addition to that article with a few more images. The example I will use here is for a job with low numbers of openings: Senior Penetration Tester. Read more

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